Batch (sFTP) API change history
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Note `Legacy Names` was modified:

Description: Show

Task: bug-3206
Processing 01/10/2019
Field `holderName` in `Processing File Format` Response was modified:

1 holderName used in the transaction.
1 Normalized holderName value used in the transaction. See [n:Holder_Name_Normalization_Rules] for more information.

Task: tkt-29108
Processing 06/26/2018
Notes `Test Cards and Bank Accounts`, `Token Structure (Extended)`, `Token Structure (Simple)` were modified:

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Description: Show
Description: Show

Task: bug-4206
Processing 06/25/2018
Note `Stored Credentials` was added:

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Task: bug-3720
Processing 05/11/2018
Field `splitSchemaId` was added to `Processing File Format` Request:

Name: `splitSchemaId`
Usage: `O`

Task: bug-3219
Processing 05/10/2018